The Domaine

Tucked away in the hills of the Provençal countryside, nearby Brignoles and above the charming village of Correns lays the Domaine Saint Andrieu. In 2003 Jean-Paul and Nancy Bignon, owners of Château Talbot, a grand cru classé of Saint Julien in Médoc, bought the vineyard having been seduced by this majestic landscape.
Bordered by the foothills of the Alps, the 600 hectare estate offers a landscape where nature remains preserved and untouched. As well as the pure, natural beauty of the site, there are many other components contributing to this remarkable vineyard, such as the various natural water sources, including the Saint Andrieu from which the vineyard gets its name, or its location at 380 meters above sea level which provides a very special continental like microclimate.

More than 30 hectares are devoted to vines and 9 hectares to the production of AOC Provence extra virgin olive oil.