This fragile varietal does not like drought and needs soil that is rich in trace elements to feed. Syrah produces clusters of a beautiful bluish black color with medium sized berries producing sweet and spicy juice. When used in red wines, the syrah expresses itself with fruity, spicy and floral aromatic complexity and tannins that structure the whole. Present in a rosé blend, syrah produces fruity wines, endowed with a beautiful finesse.

Grenache Noir
Grenache Noir is from the same family as the Grenache Blanc. It is very productive on dry and stony soils and produces a very sweet juice. When assembled with Syrah, it is a classic component of the best southern rosé wines. The wines made with grenache noir are rich and mellow with notes of citrus.

Cinsault is an old black vine and is probably native of Provence. This late grape needs sun and resists drought. It remains quite productive with large clusters of large berries with very juicy flesh and develops aromas of dried and red fruits and white flowers. It is very appreciated in rosé wine for its weak acidity, pale color and low alcohol content.

Rolle or Vermentino
Rolle, also known as Vermentino, is a white grape that is well established itself in the Midi, especially in the Var. Its clusters have medium-sized berries that go from white to pink when the grapes are ripe. Rolle likes warm climates where soils are dry and poor but does not like wind and disease. It produces rich, well-balanced white wines that remain very aromatic, marked by notes of white fruits, grapefruit or white flowers.

A delicate varietal, mourvèdre likes a mild climate with sufficient sunshine and clay-limestone soil. It gives racy wines, very aromatic, low in acidity and marked by a beautiful tannic structure.

Cabernet Sauvignon
This grape likes warm, sandy-gravel soils and produces small berries with thick skin. Cabernet Sauvignon brings power, complexity and structure to the wine which is necessary for wine to age. Very aromatic, it develops notes of black fruits, violets and blackcurrant and produces distinguished wines, which age gracefully.